Our fine art photographs are classic, traditionally produced black-and-white gelatin silver , ciba and chromogenic color prints. Each photograph is enlarged from film onto expensive double weight, fiber-based photographic papers of light-sensitive, silver-rich emulsions. Manipulation during the enlarging process is done separately on each print to bring out the maximum brilliance and mood. These manipulations of light, together with the initial light exposure reflects the hand of the artist unique to each and every print. Black-and-white gelatin silver prints are washed to current archival standards (some toned in selenium for maximum image stability, or other toners for effect). Each print is mounted onto white 2-ply, 100% cotton, acid-free, neutral pH, buffered museum board. A natural white 4-ply beveled-window of 100% cotton, acid-free, neutral pH, buffered museum board floats the print for final presentation of the photograph. Prints are titled, dated, with edition number/size on the back of the print.

We use only the very best 4-ply natural white mat board, made from only 100% cotton fiber, with a pH of 8.0 +/-.5, buffered with calcium carbonate. These museum-quality mats showcase our images and artwork in the finest way. We also use acid-free linen tape, perfect for hinging large window mats to backing boards. It’s made of acid-free, Cambric-quality, tightly-woven linen, manufactured to exacting specifications. It also has a pH-neutral, water-activated adhesive.